Welcome to Downtown Marion's new Movie Theater and Restaurant!

Showing This Week

Showing This Week


Following our goal of programming Second Run, Independent, and Classic films, we are always compiling lists of great movies we can show.  Some movies will appeal to kids, some to adults, some to both, and we'd like to hear from you.  Message us on Facebook, write on our chalkboard in the lobby, or email us at Movies@MountainMarquee.com .


Of these lists, we have ideas for entire series, such as:


Holiday themes

--We recently screened our classic horror films series for Halloween
--For the week around Día de los Muertos, we're showing "The Book of Life"

--For the week around Veteran's Day, we're planning a film with a Vet as the main character, "You Were Never Really Here".
--For people with Thanks Giving family anxiety, we're planning a botched Thanks Giving comedy, "The Oath".


Locally made films

--Last of the Mohicans

--Evil Dead

--Dirty Dancing

--Richie Rich

--Being There

--Master Minds

--Hunger Games


We'll post more here as we cull through our options...